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Wait...What? How RUDE of me! Give me a sec to introduce myself...

I'm Lisa!

I’m a mom of 5 (almost 6), sarcasm enthusiast, suicide survivor & mom podcaster. I’m also obsessed with eating ridiculous proportions of Mac n cheese, wearing unicorn activewear, & watching my kids destroy my house and seeing the HAPPY in ALL of it!

Under all this glittery gooey hot mess, I’m just a girl who really loves being a mom!  I just want all the happy moments with my kids and hubby that I can get. I want to be spoiled like that.


I turned a tiny spark from a random Tuesday night compliment that my hubby gave me about how I got so much done and was HAPPY in the chaos of my mom day into a business of helping others moms (like you) embrace all parts of your mom superpowers so you can shine bright a be that unicorn mom they know they are deep down inside.


Today I’ll teach you how to do the same so you can actually get more done in your chaotic day & be spoiled with happy moments too.

More about being Sassy & Spirit-Filled...

You have a vision!  You can picture every detail of the life you want to live.  & let's talk about your vision boards for a second.  Whether you are crafty & physically make them or they exist only in your brain.  They are top-notch.  Everything on them is in the perfect place right now to that last sprinkle of glitter.  You see that life you want to live, and it gives you the warm fuzzies every single time you think about it.

But no matter how much you focus on your vision & the life that you want, you can't seem to find the right steps to take to get there.  You get frustrated when your mind keeps getting in the way of your vision…

When you know sunshine exists, it’s not hard to find it. 

Have you ever planted a flower seed before? 

Stop for a second and think about how that seed's journey starts.  It starts in a black hole, right?  It knows the sunlight is out there, but the exact path is pretty dark initially. 

The seed doesn't get a map of how to find the sun when you plant it.  It just knows that the sun exists & it wants to feel it's warmth.  This little seed doesn't get mentally bogged down by all the darkness, right? 

The seed just grows.  The roots are clumsy & uncertain at the beginning, but eventually, the roots are strong enough to turn that seed into a beautiful flower surrounded by sunlight, not darkness. 


So, where do you start? What's your first step?  You get that there is more to life than positive vibes, but you don't know what that actually looks like in life. 

The thing is there's more to you than your spirit.  The trick is getting your Mind, Body & Spirit, all working together. 

Physically lay out your next day.  Pick out your outfit before you go to bed, or set your journal right next to the coffee pot.  Do SOMETHING to start some physical momentum so you can begin taking steps towards your vision board life.

Get out of your own head.  Put your mind at rest just long enough to start some momentum. You're a smart, beautiful unicorn, but you don't have to think everything over all the time.  Wait until you are taking action to start thinking about what you're doing. 


The trick to amping up your superpowers is to use your WHOLE body to let your Sassy Spirit-filled personality shine. 

It's ok if you are still a bit fuzzy about what your first step is…

I was there once too…

Your first step can be simple when you have the right formula. 

Just because I know a bit about you from your quiz results.  I'm not going to pretend I know everything about you.  I'm not that girl!  I promise!

I mean it's possible to be a Sassy & Spirit-Filled Night Owl or a Sassy & Spirit-Filled Early Bird!  I have no clue!  My quiz just isn't that cool or have that level of magical powers to it, lol......

The thing is I have a ton of sides to my personality & I'm guessing you might too.  So, I'll let you pick your own goodies!  

If you're looking for the good, bad & the ugly of mom life. Head to Happy Mom Chaotic Life


If you're ready for a quick morning devotional to kick start your day.  Head to Devotional Diva

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