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What's Up?  

I'm Lisa Alexandria Norman. 
 (But you can just call me That Lisa Chick)

 I'm a Homeschooling Mom of 6, Suicide Survivor, Activewear Junkie,

Mac 'N Cheese Lover, & Unicorn Fanatic

Welcome to our Anything-But-Plain-Jane Playground, Sarcastic (yet informative) Study Space & our Chill N Chat Corner of the Web
Here we will find that one thing that is missing from your life. 
That one thing that you keep searching for but can't seem to find
Ready to go from Strong to  Superb?  
Crystal Salt

Be present & Listen to your Inner Child 

to unlock your pure potential so you can calmly communicate gratitude in your protected Space.........

You need 'Embrace Your Grace'

'Embrace Your Grace' will teach you to calm your insecurities from the negative influences in your life.  So can live the life that God created for you to Live & Love 

If you want to 

What's your Mom Super Power?

How to Find the Awesomeness that already inside you, Find your Inner Sparkle, Let it shine bright & Find the Laughter & Humor in it all!


You May have seen me on....

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Freebies to Help you

Find your Sparkle again!

Are you Looking for more

Quality Time

to find 

More Happy

in Your Chaotic Mom Life? 

Are you Looking ways to Reduce 

Stress & Anxiety

to find

More Happy

In Your Chaotic Mom Life? 

& then there were Courses & Coaching

Secrets to De-Stress Mom Life


A course for moms who want to ditch the stress and amp up their superpowers by identifying where to start in their life.

How To Dig Deeper


A course for moms with a rock solid mom goal .  This course guarantees that you WILL complete that goal & find your Happy



You know things need to change but you need someone to hold you accountable to the Goals & Habit Changes you want so you can start living that HAPPY again!

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