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I see YOU living that Chaotic Life that feels like it is

spinning out of control. I see you juggling all the balls of your life desperately hoping that no one sees you drop them.

The thing is you will drop them & that’s OK.

It’s not the dropping that you are remembered by.

We all struggle & make mistakes as moms.

It comes with the title.

What you WILL be remembered for is

how you pick yourself up & how you teach your kids by Your example how to deal with life struggles.

Again! I hear you! “Lisa, I get that too! but

I don’t know How To start!

What If I told you the Secret to How is simple?

What if I told you I can show you How in 60 minutes or less?

Do you want to know HOW to start

making Lasting Change in your life?

We all want Happy in our Mom life, right?

I bet I know a few things you want more time

in your day to do...

  • long carefree trips to the Park with your kids

  • Kid Cuddles on the couch after a long day

  • Silly Face competitions

  • Family Game Nights that don’t end


Bubble Giggles
Bekah 2
Zac 2
Screenshot 2019-12-21 at 03.37.46

My guess is even if you try to do these things,

You’re left feeling more exhausted & overwhelmed than before you started. 

You need to find something that works.

It has to be simple, practical & fit in the nooks of your already

Cluttered Mom Brain

You need someone who can give you the quick & dirty details. 

Someone who will be your cheerleader when you are working it

& a shoulder to lean on when you are lost in the moment. 

Lisa4Square (1).png

11 Random facts about me

  1. 11 is my favorite number (so obviously I did 11 Random Facts instead of 10)

  2. I love to take bad selfies of myself. It could be classified as a disorder of sorts. Maybe

  3. I decided in 8th grade that I wanted to be an Accountant & didn’t give that decision a second thought until I had been working as a Cost Accountant for 15 years.

  4. I cried when I was told I was getting a baby brother. I didn’t want a brother I wanted a sister.  Turns out God knew what he was doing & I wouldn't trade that kid brother away for anything.

  5. My inner monologue is an Emmy winning movie star in my head. The stories & impromptu acting are simply unreal. 

  6. I am a 100% Math nerd. Don’t tell anyone this, but sometimes I make up algebra problems to solve when I’m bored. 

  7. I have a secret obsession with Unicorns. I mean I even dye my hair to match their rainbow unicorn tails.

  8. I love running. It’s my favorite type of Self-care. 

  9. Mac n Cheese has been my favorite food from the moment I first tried it. Kraft, Velvetta Shells ‘n’ Cheese, homemade.  Don’t. Care.  I want it all! 

  10. When eating skittles, I have to organize the entire package by color & eat them in rainbow order starting with Red.

  11. I have a slight addition to Activewear. By this, I might be working on a formal detailed justification call “why every woman needs 17 pairs of Work Out Pants” for my husband.  The keyword is Might of course. 

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