Secrets to Surviving Mom Stress 


A course for moms who want to ditch the stress

and amp up their superpowers.

Wondering how the heck did you end up here?  

You NEVER thought this would be your life day in & day out.  All the other Moms you know are constantly posting on Social Media pictures of tidy houses, happy kids & made from scratch Apple Pies.  

& here you are struggling to just survive the day between the long list of never-ending housework chores & the enormous piles ofendless confusing homework your kids have.  No wonder your Hubby is always complaining that you don't spend enough time with him, right?  

The thing is I spent way too much of my life where you are!  Telling myself that tomorrow I would magically have the time to figure out where to start. 

I lied to myself for YEARS!

Then one day I found myself in Target, aimlessly staring at candles with a latte in my hand. I stormed out of the house after my husband pointed out that I don't have patience with the kids. There had to be more to Mom life than hiding in the Target Candle aisle ignoring your hubby’s text messages.  That's when I knew something HAD to change.


THIS was my breaking point!   So, I got serious about finding a solution. I started with one simple task that I had complete control of and focused on just that. This success led to my next simple task and so on. 


Right now, the choice is yours, you can totally keep living life the way you are right now...

Ignoring your problems, pretending that you love your life, and wasting your time mindlessly scrolling social media to drown all the background noise in your head.  

....Or you can let me help!  If this is you, then ...


You know that things have to change, but you don't know where to start.  All you want is someone to help you figure out where to START, Right? 

My  Secret to Surviving Mom Stress Course does just that!

I'll help you discover and amp up your Super Power in just 60-minutes. 

Find your More Happy and be the Unicorn that you were created to be. In this course you will:


  • Learn to use your strengths to get a clearly defined area in your life to start working on.

  • Learn how to boost your Super Powers

    • Sassy & Spiritual Mama

    • Magnificent & Mindful Mama

    • Bouncy & Body Conscious Mama

  • Identify the simplest things that you can focus on & fix, instead of all the things that overwhelm and stress you out.

  • ​Explore all aspects of your personal Mind, Body and Spirituality to find out what is the easiest place for you to start.  


Imagine what your days will look like when you have a mind that focuses on your Happy Moments and is no longer stuck in "Worry Mode".  (Yes!  This can be real life).


Take charge of your health from a Mind-Body-Spirit Perspective.  Your Body is talking to you, I promise.  Don't you want to listen and respond in the right way?  


Picture the life you were created to live!  A life where you are DOING everything you ever wanted or dreamed possible!


The Secret to Surviving Mom Stress is a 60-minutes course that's broken down into 5 x 10-minutes chunks (I'm guessing finding time for yourself might be a struggle for you).


​Listen friend, figuring out where to start can only take an hour of your life if you have the right formula

The Secret to Surviving Mom Stress IS the right formula, I promise!  

When we work together, you will 100% know where to start making changes in your life.  Don't you just want to find your starting spot and start living a life you really love? 

Brook Hull

Lisa is fun and real. She has great insight and wisdom into being a mom in real life.

Dana Diebolt

Exhausted, overwhelmed, lack direction. Then you are in the right place. This stress course walks you though the chaos, with a guided map to help you break off manageable pieces and leads you to your happy place one step at a time. Highly recommend Lisa to hold your hand though it all