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How to Move Past Trauma

Do you know how to move past trauma in your life? Trauma can come in different forms & with different intensities. Regardless of the trauma in your life moving past it, isn’t always easy.

Sometimes in life we have situations that we know are evitable & will be traumatic. So, the question is do you have a plan in place for how to move past the trauma?

The Backstory

Growing up in Green Gardens, IL meant you dealt with Wind & I’m not talking about the winds that slightly mess with your fancy curls ladies. I’m talking about Dorothy wizard of oz winds. The kind of winds where you look out your window & see all your yard furniture blowing to the neighbor’s yard.

Winds where if you were caught outside, you’d have to hit the deck if you want to live because a piece of plywood is cartwheeling through the air like a toddler amped up on too much sugar running through your house.

The thing is winds like this can happen on a random summer day. Now, can you imagine what it’s like during bad thunderstorm or tornado weather.

Growing up in Green Gardens, IL meant that you were used to taking cover in your basement during summer thunderstorms. It meant that you would most likely experience the effects of a tornado in your lifetime.

There’s No Place Like Home

It was the summer of 1990. My parents were in the midst of building a garage. This was no ordinary garage though. You see, my dad had a “Go Big or Go Home” mentality WITH every project he ever took on. This “garage” was more like a pole barn. The “garage” footprint was larger than the footprint of our 2,000 SQ FT home.

I will never forget watching the storm roll in over the cornfields in the backyard. I could still see the cornfields clearly because the “garage” didn’t have side walls yet. It was literally a roof on sticks. I just stood there watching the magnificent power of storms.

In the background, I heard the phone ring. My mom answered it. It was her friend calling to see if we were ok. There were reports of a F5 tornado touchdown in the Joliet area, which was one of our neighboring towns.

As my mom got the details from her friend about the tornados. It happened.

The Garage came crashing down right in front of my eyes.

My mom stood there in shock for a second before she told her friend what happened. She said she had to go & rushed me & my brother to the basement until the storm passed.

Garage 2.0

Thankfully the garage falling was the only damage out family endured on that day. However, how we had a huge roof that needed to be demolished before the rebuilding could happen.

The weekends that followed were busy at our house. All and I mean ALL of our friends and family where there to help with the demolition. The guys did all the heavy lifting & I remember some of my aunts helping haul the wood off while others helped with meal prep for the crew of unpaid workers that were at our house. Everyone there contributed to the best of their ability & the demolition was complete in now time.

The teamwork was impressive to watch. It definitely helped all of us move past the trauma of the storm much faster.

Same Story Different Day

Years ago, there was this guy named Agabus. He was great at observing the world around him & drawing concise predictions of what was coming in the future. He brought up the fact that a drought was coming, and because he was great at his job, he was correct. A drought came.

When this happened, his tribe pulled together & did what they could to help with the trauma that the drought caused.

Acts 11: 29 -- Then the disciples, every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren which dwelt in Judaea:

Agabus & his tribe pulled together to navigate recovering from the drought. They weathered the storm together & everyone was better off for being a part of his tribe.

How to Move Past Trauma.

Did you see how that worked? The secret to moving past trauma is simple.

The first thing you should know is you can’t do it alone. It takes your people. It takes your tribe. You have to be ok with this.

Once you find that tribe you, let them help you. A good tribe will know exactly what you need, and each tribe member will know the right task to help with.

This is the secret to moving past your Trauma.

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