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Stop your Pity Party: The Secret of Positive Mindset

Do you struggle with a positive mindset? I mean, let’s be real for a second. We all struggle with a positive mindset at some point in our lives.

The more important question is, do you know how to snap out of your own pity party & find the power of a positive mindset. Do you know the secret to a positive mindset?

The thing is a positive mindset is rooted in determination. You can’t just wish for a positive mindset in your life. Unfortunately, humans don’t have the magical power of Genies.

An Example of Determination

3 days a week, I go to a boot camp style workout class. It’s 60 minutes of intense stunts from old school weight lifting to tire flipping to running flights of stairs while holding weights. All of this to show you that this place is no joke.

Recently a new mom started attending the 9am class. I clearly remember thinking, “this chick is no joke” as I watched her slinging around 35 lbs kettlebells like they were feathers in our warm-up.

I soon found out that Chelsea had been a boot camp member for years & used to attend the 5am class before she had her kid. No wonder she hopped right in with all us veteran moms with our own set of mommy muscles.

After class, we were all picking up our kiddos & Alicia (one of the veterans I often struggle to keep up with) asked Chelsea if she was always “athletic.” Chelsea smiled & said, “Yep!”

Alicia went on to say what I thought was the strangest thing ever. She said that she was never athletic, especially in childhood. We all had a good chuckle and said, our “See ya tomorrows.”

Results of Positive Mindset

Once I piled my kiddos into the van, I found myself thinking about what Alicia had said. “I’ve never been athletic.” This was just mind-blowing to me.

I clearly remember when I was a new boot camp member. I would look at Alicia & think what a badass mom with muscles she was. I even had a secret goal to beat her one day. & just so we are clear that “one day” wouldn’t happen overnight.

The reality of this story is Alicia didn’t let her non-athletic disposition prevent her from living out her goals in life. She found determination inside to be great. She embraced herself for exactly who she was & decided to be great despite it all.

Embrace Your Own Determination

One of the coolest things that God has gifted us is our uniqueness. All the tiny things that make you exactly you are a special & unique gift from God. However, God never designed our uniqueness to be an excuse to prevent you from being great.

There is one thing that God isn’t into, though, & that’s playing favorites. Despite all the differences he gives us, He wants us all to succeed in life. He truly wants us to live our best life out loud.

The Proof

Peter had a sequence of events that changed his outlook on the population of the world forever. All the events built right on each other, creating an amazing mental shift for Peter.

Acts 11:17 – I decided that if God gave these Gentiles who believe in Jesus the same gift that He gave us, who was I to stop God?

Peter was born a Jew. He was raised to know all the “right” things to do in his relationship with Christ. God came him in a vision & told him that relationships with Christ were bigger than being able to follow all the rules & do all the things “right.”

Just as soon as the message of the vision was sinking in, a Gentile named Cornelius invited Peter to come & visit. Amazing things happened on this visit for both Peter & the Gentiles. Peter fully understood what God meant in his vision with the Gentiles were given the Holy Spirit & The Gentiles learned what a deeper relationship with Christ actually looked like.

The Determination of a Positive Mindset

Alicia didn’t walk into the gym one day as a novice & then 60 minutes later walk out a badass mom. It took determination on her part.

Just the same, the Gentiles didn’t wake up Super Christians overnight. The had to find their own determination to grow their own personal relationship with Christ.

I guess it’s possible that a positive mindset can happen instantaneously. The positive mindset isn’t the result; it’s the trigger that starts a spark in your life & pushes you toward greatness. So, if you are looking for lasting results from a positive mindset, then my friend, find some determination in your life.

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