The secret to a Mindset Reset on a Crappy Day

Do you have the tools in your mental toolbox to do a Mindset Reset? Honestly, most of us don’t. Years ago, I would have given you my best “confused” face if you asked me about my “Mindset Reset” Process.

But girl, there is some serious superpower in mastering how YOU do a Mindset Reset?

The thing is we can’t avoid crappy days in our lives. As much as I wish the blog was about a magic pill that will make crappy days vanish that I’m now offering at a discount rate, it’s not.

Crappy days are the worst! They blow. I’ve been there too.

The Infamous Crappy Day

As you well know by now, I’m a homeschool mom. This fact is relevant to my story because I only get certain tiny windows where my homeschoolers are in someone else’s care. Homeschool PE day at the local Y is one of these tiny moments.

Yesterday was homeschool PE Day.

After I dropped off the big ones for Gym, Boo & I headed to Walmart to finish up the last bit of my Christmas Shopping List.

I started out at the stocking stuffer section. I grabbed lip gloss, ornaments & 3 colorful tubes of bath paint. Can you guess where this is going?

Boo was being feisty, so I put her in the back of the cart to “play” with all the stuff in the cart.

While all this was happening, I got a message that I needed to respond to. The next thing I knew, this said message was now a full-blown conversation that I was mentally prepared for, but the timing was just wrong.

I found myself fulling invested in the texting conversation & partly paying attention to my shopping & my toddler.

“Mommy, I need help!” is never a phrase you want to hear your toddler say while you are rushing through Walmart.

Incident #1: The foundation

I look down at a bunch of gifts covered in Bright Blue Bath paint. I do my best to recover by moving Boo to the seat part of the cart & put the lid on the paint.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to wipe the gifts off before I wrap them,” I think to myself.

I finish grabbing the items I needed from the toy section & check my list to see where I need to head next.

Did I mention that I’m still having this texting conversation?

I head over to home goods & right before I reach up to grab the new garbage can. It happens.

What is that Smell?

Incident 2: The Motherload

I look at Boo & know immediately what that smell is. This is 100% TMI, but we are dealing with a long-lasting stomach bug in our house that loves making diarrhea.

She proudly tells me, “I have to poop!”

This is when I remember I left the diaper bag at home by mistake.

So, Yay! I get to finish my shopping up with a kid that smells absolutely horrible.

At this point, the texting conversation had now turned to voice clipping because I really need to get out of this store & head home to safety.

I race to the checkout to p