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The secret to a Mindset Reset on a Crappy Day

Do you have the tools in your mental toolbox to do a Mindset Reset? Honestly, most of us don’t. Years ago, I would have given you my best “confused” face if you asked me about my “Mindset Reset” Process.

But girl, there is some serious superpower in mastering how YOU do a Mindset Reset?

The thing is we can’t avoid crappy days in our lives. As much as I wish the blog was about a magic pill that will make crappy days vanish that I’m now offering at a discount rate, it’s not.

Crappy days are the worst! They blow. I’ve been there too.

The Infamous Crappy Day

As you well know by now, I’m a homeschool mom. This fact is relevant to my story because I only get certain tiny windows where my homeschoolers are in someone else’s care. Homeschool PE day at the local Y is one of these tiny moments.

Yesterday was homeschool PE Day.

After I dropped off the big ones for Gym, Boo & I headed to Walmart to finish up the last bit of my Christmas Shopping List.

I started out at the stocking stuffer section. I grabbed lip gloss, ornaments & 3 colorful tubes of bath paint. Can you guess where this is going?

Boo was being feisty, so I put her in the back of the cart to “play” with all the stuff in the cart.

While all this was happening, I got a message that I needed to respond to. The next thing I knew, this said message was now a full-blown conversation that I was mentally prepared for, but the timing was just wrong.

I found myself fulling invested in the texting conversation & partly paying attention to my shopping & my toddler.

“Mommy, I need help!” is never a phrase you want to hear your toddler say while you are rushing through Walmart.

Incident #1: The foundation

I look down at a bunch of gifts covered in Bright Blue Bath paint. I do my best to recover by moving Boo to the seat part of the cart & put the lid on the paint.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to wipe the gifts off before I wrap them,” I think to myself.

I finish grabbing the items I needed from the toy section & check my list to see where I need to head next.

Did I mention that I’m still having this texting conversation?

I head over to home goods & right before I reach up to grab the new garbage can. It happens.

What is that Smell?

Incident 2: The Motherload

I look at Boo & know immediately what that smell is. This is 100% TMI, but we are dealing with a long-lasting stomach bug in our house that loves making diarrhea.

She proudly tells me, “I have to poop!”

This is when I remember I left the diaper bag at home by mistake.

So, Yay! I get to finish my shopping up with a kid that smells absolutely horrible.

At this point, the texting conversation had now turned to voice clipping because I really need to get out of this store & head home to safety.

I race to the checkout to pay for my cart full of Bath Paint covered Items. & yes, my hands & phone are now covered in this amazing blue goo too.

I head to the car, hoping that I can find a dried-up used wipe in the trunk that I can use to keep this blue goo from spreading.

Incident 3: When it rains, it pours.

As soon as I reach the parking lot, I realize it’s raining a lot harder than it looked from inside the store.

As if this moment in my life isn’t bad enough, now I have a toddler screaming that she’s getting all wet.

Well, Sugar, I am too!

“How are you not having a meltdown?” was my friend's voice clipped response to all the events that had just transpired in the past 30 minutes.


She had a really good point!

Why was I so calm? Is this the new me? What was going on here?

My Mindset Reset Secret

While I loaded my bags into the trunk, I had 3 distinct thoughts:

1. I’ve had worse days. (I’m a suicide survivor & have a daughter that is a cancer survivor. Rainy days have nothing on me.)

2. I wasn’t the first mom to leave the house & forget diapers. Thank God I live 10 minutes from the Walmart

3. The important part of this was the Joy my kids would have on Christmas morn when they see the cool stuff I picked out.

I unplugged from the moment & did a mental reset.

A hard reset is defined as the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory.

I did exactly that. I stopped & remembered who I was created.

Life or Death Mindset Reset

Long ago, there was an amazing lady named Dorcas. She lived a life of giving joy to all who needed it. Gift Giving was 100% her jam.

One day she got sick. So sick that she actually died. This turned into a bad day for all that knew her.

I’m not trying to be sarcastic here, I promise. This single incident triggered a whole bunch of bad days.

The good news is there was one person who heard of her death & knew exactly what to do. His name was Peter.

Acts 9:40—But Peter, put them all out, and knelt down and prayed.

Peter help the people do a needed Hard Reset. He reached out to his source, energy Jesus Christ.

Believe it or not, Dorcas came back to life to continue here work of spreading joy.

When we go back to our “factory setting,” amazing things happen. So, go out there & be who you were created to be.

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