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The Secret to Life Momentum

Have you ever set a goal & then lost the momentum to see it to the end? I’ve been there a million times in my life. So, what’s the trick to keeping that momentum in your life going?

Think back to your childhood years with me.

Have you ever made a giant snowball? It’s all about momentum, right? You start with something so small that it can fit in the palms of your hand.

You build that starter snowball & pack it down a million times in your hands, making sure it’s the perfect sphere.

Enter Momentum from Stage Right

Now, it’s time to start building that ball. Making it bigger & more audacious with each roll.

The key is to keep the ball round in shape. So that means you have to change your rolling path from time to time to make sure you’re not making a giant hay bail replica.

Whether you’ve every thought through the steps you took to make that snowball or not; You were putting momentum in motion.

You had to stop and observe where you were with the giant ball of snow & then reassess the correct path to move forward over & over.

Look at you being all process-driven in your snow adventures as a kid.

Gigantic Momentum

My dad never did things “small” in life. So, when it snowed basic, snowman building just would cut it for his kids. I vividly remember one winter when we got a butt load of snow.

As my brother & I were getting all bundled up to go build a snowman, my dad announced that we would build a life-size angel. Of course, being kids full of wonder & excitement, we were thrilled at the idea.

The thing is the magnificent snow angel that we build started out the same way any basic snowman would. The only difference was we had to find more creative ways to keep the building momentum going.

Once we mastered the main body, it was about deciding where we needed filler to make our end goal more precise.

I’m telling you looking at a 7-foot snow angel in your yard when you’re only 4’9” is something you NEVER forget.

Onto my Point

There was this guy named Saul (who changed his name to Paul at some point). He was terrific at keeping his Life Momentum moving. You see, he had a tragic accident while traveling that completely changed his life.

Acts 9: 22- “But Saul increased all the more in strength, and confounded all the Jews who dwelt in Damascus, proving that this Jesus is the Christ.”

Saul (or Paul) didn’t let his tragedy stop his life. He took that tragedy & turned it into a springboard. (Maybe, you’ve done this in your life?)

We all have life experiences that we can choose to use as our springboards. Maybe it’s the death of a parent, or a rough childhood, or an addiction that you’ve overcome. Tragedy is a part of all of our lives.

Yes, there is a great sense of accomplishment when you look back at a tragedy that you’ve overcome. But the real power comes from using the experience to help others.

There is more to the secret than just jumping on the springboard & seeing if you are brave enough to jump.

The secret truly lies in learning how to utilize the momentum from the jump itself.

The missing Link

I really hope you are getting what I’m saying here. We have to learn how to use momentum in your life to keep you moving forward.

Setting goals isn’t enough. Accomplishing goals isn’t enough.

Yes, you heard me.

It’s about using your goals or life tragedies to strengthen your MOMENTUM, not just your soul.

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