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I’m not that person anymore: The Secret to Mindset Shifts

Do you remember your last mindset shift? When was the last time you thought, “I’m not that person anymore”?

The thing is mindset shifts are unavoidable in your life. I know you probably think that I’m crazy, but give me a few minutes & hear me out.

Here’s the thing. We all experience mindset shifts, whether we like it or not. The difference is how present we are in the middle of the shift.

I’m not that person anymore.

In my late teens and early twenties, I truly believed that I learned best the hard way. I embraced my stubbornness with the tightest bear hug the world has ever witnessed.

Through one of these bear hugs, I ended up Married at the age of 21 to a Drug Addict.

I bet your mind is racing with all the different avenues this story is about to go. & No, I didn’t have an addiction also.

I moved out 9 months to the day after we spent way too much of my dad’s hard-earned money on the wedding. (The details of this event will be saved for a later story. I’m trying to stay focused on Mindset Shifts)

After going through all the paper shenanigans of divorce, I sat there with my divorce decree. Looking at all the lawyer-speak that I had to read 10 times or more to understand. It was finally over.

Even though we only lived together married for 9 months. The divorce officially happened until 2 ½ years later. (Yes, more details to follow on this too)

My eyes were stuck on One. Single. Sentence.

“That petitioner shall have the right to resume her maiden name of Heneghan, should she choose to do so.”

I sat there & thought about my life at that point. & I thought about who Lisa “Heneghan” was. That’s when I knew I couldn’t change my name.

That girl no longer existed. She was replaced by Version 2 & I was ok with that.

This doesn’t for a second mean EVERYONE was ok with this choice. The reality was my mom HATED this decision. I’m pretty sure she stopped speaking to me for a few weeks when I told her I wasn’t changing my name back.

I clearly remember telling her, “I’m not that person anymore.”

It just felt wrong to go back to my maiden name. So much had happened to me in the past 2 ½ years.

I was now a new person with a new message to share with the world.

I’ve heard this story before.

There was once this guy named Saul. This guy has some serious balls. He was on a mission & It was an intense one.

He decided he was put on this earth to kill & persecute anyone that didn’t believe the way he did.

In today’s world, I’m sure he would be viewed as the bigot of all bigots.

But then it happened.

He had his real-life movie moment that changed the rest of his story forever.

In a freak accident, he went blind while traveling. Stop & thank about that for a hot second. As if going suddenly going blind wasn’t bad enough, but to have that happen on a trip?

As in all good stories, Saul overcame the obstacles laid out before him & miraculously got his sight back.

Acts 13:9 Then Saul, who also is called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit,

He got to say, “I’m not that person anymore!” too.

He spent the rest of his days known as Paul. Peaching & teaching a new message of hope & love.

The Power of Mindset Shifts.

The thing is you need to own up to your life. Honestly, this isn’t a new message & you probably know that already.

My question for you is this.

Are you willing to go through your tough life junk to unleash the power of a mindset shift?

Mindset Shifts all start from something epic that happens to you. & epic doesn’t mean HUGE. It means Epic.

What life through at you that changed you forever? Are you using that moment in time to change your destiny?

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