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The Secret to Positive Influence: How To Make Good Choices.

This may sound like a dumb question, but you know if you make good choices? I mean, have you ever sat down & thought about it. Do you make good choices?

Here’s another question for you. Does your life look and feel the way you want it to? If you are reading this, my guess is no.

I mean, most people with lives they love don’t read articles about making good choices simply because they have already KNOW they are making good choices.

A Bright Object Lesson

I love the sun! Summer is my favorite season & when you tell me to think of my happy place, it always involves warm breezy weather & water nearby. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beach or poolside, I’m not a picky chick when it comes to the details of my happy place. I just have a deep relationship with the sun.

This may sound really strange to say, but I tend to gauge how good my year was by how dark my tan is. Yes, I know about sunblock & I use it. (Did you just mother me? Lol) I can’t change the fact that Jesus thought I needed skin that loved to react to some Natural Vitamin D.

Decades ago, when I took my first full-time job, the reality of working full time hit hard. I was no longer going to be able to spend my warm summer days poolside. I was destined to be stuck in a stuffy office with a window, of course, so the Sun could just taunt me.

Don’t judge me, but this led to a relationship with something called a tanning bed. This relationship continued on and off for most of the years I worked in corporate America.

The impostor

Initially, I was fine the impostor Vitamin D. I was happy with my tan fake as it may be & all appeared to be fine on the surface. (Don’t worry I don’t have skin cancer or anything morbid like that).

I just wanted to bluntly point out that tanning beds are impostors to real sunshine. I know you already know this, but this is a HUGE part of the Object lesson. So, stop & acknowledge this part of the story with me.

Everything was good just on the surface, and my fake tan also faded faster than a real one would.

Fast forward to today

This past summer, I completely rocked at my Happy Vibe. I was the tannest I ever remember being. On day 3 of our vacation, I remember looking in the mirror after spending the day at the beach thinking.

“Should I start applying a higher SPF to stop the ashy look I was getting?”

That vacation was almost 3 months ago & I’m still hanging on to a good portion of that Natural Vitamin D the beach gave me. So much of it, in fact, that I had to buy darker makeup. I’m just not losing the effects of that Sun this year.

Just make good choices.

Did my little story about the Sun sink in? Let me break it down for you just in case I lost you in all the sunshine.

You know you are making good choices when you can feel the effects of those said choices months later. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment in the mirror on our vacation this fall. & ever time I think about it, my heart is full of happy.

So, do you get me? It’s time to think about what you have going on in your life.

Think about the choices you made today. Did you hang out on social media too long? What did you chat with your BFF about? Was it a timeless conversation, or were you just bitching about the things in your life that you have the power to change if you want to?

When you have something good going in your life, you need to keep it there for as long as you can.

Acts 10:48 – And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then they asked him to stay a few days.

Peter was an amazing influence on the world during his day. He brought the goodness of the gospel to hundreds of people & nations. This is why the believers asked him to stick around. Though his message had long-lasting effects, they just couldn’t get enough of them.

So, have I made you consider your life yet? What about the choices you are making? Are they good ones? Do you have any imposters?

I’m serious about this. If you Make Good Choices, your life will improve. I Promise.

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